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NC State Extension




  • $20: In-state samples submitted by the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service (including Master Gardeners), and State of North Carolina and non-profit agencies, with on-line submission of sample information
  • $30: In-state samples submitted directly to the PDIC by the public, landscapers and consultants, and all samples submitted without information filled out on-line
  • $75: Out-of-state samples. Please see these important instructions for submitting samples from outside the state of North Carolina.
  • No charge: samples from North Carolina nurseries for verifying the presence of boxwood blight. See the details on this service.
  • No charge: digital, image-only samples submitted on-line through our database; for further instructions please visit the How to Submit a Sample page. The diagnostician will determine if the images are adequate for a reliable diagnosis. If a physical sample is necessary for diagnosis, that sample will be charged the applicable fee. DO NOT send images for diagnosis by email.
  • Important: Samples paid online via credit card will have a 5% processing fee added to the total. See the Pay My Bill page.