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Pay My Bill

There are two ways to pay your PDIC sample fees. Both require knowing the sample number(s), which serve as invoice numbers, and the amount due. You can view your invoices by logging into the PDIC database application. Important: The mailing address and online store are different for the Turf Diagnostics Lab. See their web site to pay for disease diagnosis performed on a turf or ornamental grass.


  • Make the check or money order out to “North Carolina State University”.
  • Write your invoice number(s) in the memo area.
  • If you’ve already received an invoice, enclose a copy of it with your payment.
  • Mail to:

Plant Disease and Insect Clinic
Campus Box 7211
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695-7211


  • To pay for turf samples, please visit the Turf Diagnostic Lab’s credit card store.
  • For all other clinic samples please visit:
  • Each sample type being payed for is considered its own “item” that needs to be added to the cart. On each item page you will be required to enter the quantity of that type of sample and the associated sample numbers. An error will be displayed if any info is left out. If you are paying for multiple sample types, each item type will need to be added to the cart separately. In some special cases where custom fee amounts are being paid, there is an item page for “Other sample payments”. See the following screenshots for an example:

Screenshot of PDIC credit card storefront and item page

  • You must use your own device to pay with a credit card. We cannot allow users to pay with a credit card from the computer at the clinic for security reasons.
  • The clinic cannot collect credit card information directly. Please do not send us that information in any way, as it poses a security risk.
  • Be aware that if you use the account login option, the login for the credit card payment center is different from your login to our sample database.
  • Fee amounts are slightly adjusted to cover fees for credit card services. If you are unable to cover the difference we still accept cash, checks, and money orders for fee payments (see above).
  • If a mistake is made we will have the ability to refund all or part of a transaction. Please contact us if you are experiencing issues.