The PDIC Welcomes a New Lab Member

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Portrait photo of Swarnalatha Moparthi and a tobacco field
The NC State Plant Disease and Insect Clinic is happy to announce the arrival of our newest lab member, Dr. Swarnalatha (“Swarna”) Moparthi! Swarna will be handling all of the disease diagnostics for field crops including corn, cotton, soybean, tobacco, hemp, and many others. We asked her a few questions to help introduce her to NC State Extension:
Tell us a little bit about your background.
I am originally from the Southeast part of India. The closest cities to my hometown (Guntur) are Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore. I was born in a farming family and my family was involved in growing rice, lentils, tobacco, etc. Since my childhood, I have been helping my father with farm chores. I came to the USA for my Master’s at Youngstown State University, OH. I got my Ph.D. from Washington State University and after my graduation I worked briefly in the plant clinic [WSU Puyallup Plant & Insect Diagnostic Laboratory]. I started my post doc at Montana State University and then came to NC State University.
What got you interested in plant pathology?
I love working with plants, due to my agriculture background, and plant-related problems.
Are there any things you are looking forward to doing in the clinic and at NC State University?
I am looking forward to learning about plant pathogens, not only from field crops but from ornamentals, and vegetable crops. When there are fewer samples (e.g. during winter time), I plan to work on the disease reports and first reports.
What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I love gardening (I do not have a garden yet)!! I also like listening to spirituality on YouTube.
Please welcome Swarna and don’t hesitate to reach out to her or the clinic for your diagnostic service needs.